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The SOS app allows a Tech Team staff remotely connect to an iPad.

If a student needs remote tech support on their iPad the SOS is a great way for someone on the Tech Team to view their screen to help troubleshoot. Having the student/family on the phone simultaneously is needed as the SOS app doesn’t include live audio.

To connect a student iPad to the Tech Team simply:

  1. connect by phone with a Tech person
  2. open the SOS app on the iPad
  3. tell the 9-digit number to the Tech person
  4. when prompted, tap the black and white button
  5. tap “start broadcast”
  6. the iPad will countdown from 3, then the iPad screen will be viewable on the Tech person’s laptop
  7. tap Home button to show apps or issues to Tech person
  8. when finished tap “stop broadcast” to end the connection between the devices

ProCare student Sign-in/out

CDS use ProCare Connect (formerly Kinderlime) for student sign-in/out and health check form.

Please find the information below on how to use ProCare:

  • Please make sure to come early to provide enough time when dropping off/picking up your child
  • Make sure you have an account with ProCare (formerly Kinderlime) 
    • Sign-up instructions HERE
  • Have the ProCare Connect App ready and logged in as a parent
    • Compatible mobile device & app download info HERE
  • Follow these instructions for Sign-in/Sign-out using:

If you already have the ProCare App and forgot your login info, please follow the instruction below on how to reset your ProCare password:

1. Open ProCare App and click login on the bottom of the page

2. If you already have an account in Kinderlime/ProCare and forgot your password, please reset your password (see pic below)

Contact if you have any problems with your ProCare account.

CANVAS Parent Instruction

Parents can sign up as an observer in Canvas by linking their account to their student’s account by logging in as an observer.

Parents, login to Canvas or use the “Canvas Parent” app (iOS and Android download link) to see your student’s due dates, announcements, and other course content.

Observers can view course content but cannot participate in the course.

To participate as an observer/parent, please use a Chrome/Safari/Firefox browser and follow the instructions below.

1. In a browser window enter 
2. Click on “Parent of Canvas User?” link in the top right of the login screen
3. Enter Signup Details
  • Enter the required information
  • Note: Your child’s Student Pairing Code is case sensitive. See step 4 below for directions to generate a pairing code. This code can be found with your student when they log into CANVAS themselves, go to their Profile SETTINGS and tap PAIR WITH OBSERVER.
  • Click the Start Participating button
4. Student Pairing Code Directions
  • Have your child go to their Canvas Dashboard by logging in to
  • Click on the “Account” icon
  • Go to “Settings” then select “Pair with Observer” on the right side of the page to get the case-sensitive pairing code
5. You are now logged into Canvas as a Parent/Observer. 
You can also download the iOS and Android “Canvas Parent” app and login with your observer/parent credentials
6. Logging in via QR code from the iOS and Android App. 
After installing the the iOS and Android “Canvas Parent” app, you can login via QR code from your observer/parent account. Since CDS is using Single Sign On for our students, parents can only log into the mobile app using QR code. IMPORTANT: Please follow instructions below!


  1. Log into Canvas on your computer’s Chrome/Safari/Firefox browser as a parent/observer by going to:
  2. Click the “Account” icon
  3. Click the “QR for Mobile Login” link
  4. Click “proceed” to see the QR code


  1. Open the iOS or Android “Canvas Parent” app
  2. Click the QR login link and click Next
  3. Scan the QR code on your computer
  4. You are now logged in as a Parent/Observer on your mobile “Canvas Parent” app

Canvas Parent Notification settings

  1. Log into Canvas on your computer’s Chrome/Safari/Firefox browser as a parent/observer by going to:
  2. Click on Account (profile photo) in the top left. 
  3. Go into Notifications in that menu.
  4. You can toggle notifications types in this page.
    From left to right for each type, it’s “Immediate,” “Daily Summary,” “Weekly Summary,” or “Never.”

    TIP: For students or parents/guardians, the only immediate notifications I suggest are Inbox Conversations or Submission Comments so you can talk with one another regularly. Everything else is personal preference

Filtering & Focus Tools

Below is a shortlist of resources and tools that can help kids stay safe and focused – and parents informed – with digital devices at home. At CDS we use a number of filters on our school networks that don't translate off campus.

There is no perfect "home remedy" to recommend: so much depends upon the devices being used, age of the child, the specific issue, etc. The Tech Team encourages you to explore a variety of options, to talk as a family and to talk with other families about what's working for them. What we do know is that kids are safest and the most responsible when they feel OK talking about their digital lives with adults who care about them.

Three suggestions:

1. Create a written agreement about what’s OK for your child (and perhaps yourselves) and post these in sight for everyone.

2. Create regular ‘family digital fun time’ when you all get together for a brief period to watch, play, explore, laugh, discuss, etc.

3. Keep in mind that young people's digital behaviors are constantly shifting – often for the better even though it seems forever challenging. Limits and consequences may be necessary, but keep in mind that every "problem" related to teens and technology is a rich learning opportunity for everyone.

Screen Time:

Screen Time can be set up by families on CDS iPads to help you gain insight that'll demystify what exactly your child is doing on their iPad. To set it up:

1. Go to the Settings app

2. Turn on Screen Time

3. Navigate to Downtime & App Limits.

4. There you can add time limits to “Entertainment” platforms including YouTube. You can also view your child's iPad use by day or week, etc.

Other Resources:

Filtering & Productivity Tools:


Ergonomic Health:
What is ergonomics? Ergonomics is an applied science concerned with designing and arranging things people use so that the people and things interact most efficiently and safely. More simply, it is a science on how to keep your body happy and healthy.

We want you to have a happy and healthy body too when you are using your iPad or laptop at home! Here are a few tips for everyone!

  1. Posture: It’s important that they sit up in their chairs with the soles of their feet resting naturally on the ground. A chair with good back support will help support this. The annoyance of sitting up upright will save you years of pain down the line.
  2. Screens: Computer screens should always remain about an arm’s distance away, and should be kept at such a height that your neck strains neither up nor down. A good laptop or tablet stand can help you achieve the right position. 
  3. Lighting: Ensure your schoolwork spaces are always amply lit and away from any windows or lamps that can create glare. Maybe reposition the lamp.
  4. Sound: It’s important to limit the volume so that it is no more than 60 percent of the maximum allowed. Alternatively, use child-friendly headphones, which do this limiting automatically.
  5. Check out this fun video on how to be ergonomic for different people!

Troubleshooting Home WiFi/Internet

  1. Go to and test your internet connection.
    If you have Comcast/Xfinity or AT&T broadband you should get a speed of at least 25mbps. 
    • Move closer to your modem and router and run the speed test again.
      • Proximity to that equipment does make a difference
    • Do you get the same speed results?
  3. Restart the device
    • If just one device is showing poor speed but other devices are fine, restart that one device.
    • If necessary, have that device forget the wireless network and reconnect.
    • After a restart, test the speed again on that device.
    • If 2 or more devices are showing poor speed, you can restart the modem and wifi router.
      • Modem brings Internet to your home
        • A modem is a small box that connects your devices to the internet using cables. There is typically a coaxial cable or phone line connecting the modem to your Internet Service Provider (ISP).
      • Router brings Internet to your devices
        • A router is a small box that sometimes has large antennas which sends the wireless signal throughout your house.
      • Some ISPs provide a combined modem and router box (
    • Restart both of these devices by unplugging them for 10 seconds and plugging them back in.
      • Wait about 5 minutes after connecting them back to power for them to reconnect.
    • After a restart, test the speed again on multiple devices.
  5. What WiFi modem/router/access point are you using?
    • If you’re using Xfinity/AT&T modem maybe you’re using an old model? Call them. Tell them that you’re a teacher and that internet speed is affecting distance learning for students. They will send you the newer and faster model of the Xfinity/AT&T modem, and maybe a tech person.
    • If you’re using your own WiFi router but still experiencing slow speed try connecting directly to your router using an ethernet cable.
    • WiFi router signal strength varies depending on the size/construction of your home. If you have multiple rooms consider a Mesh WiFi system.
  6. How many people in your family access the internet at the same time?
    • If you have a 25 Mbps Xfinity plan, but 4 people in your family are on the internet at the same time consider upgrading your plan. Contact Xfinity/AT&T and re-negotiate your plan to get the best plan without paying more. They’re flexible now as they’re upgrading bandwidth.

The above tips apply for most Internet Providers not only Xfinity & AT&T.

iPad Setting changes

How to turn on "Do Not Disturb:"

- from home screen, swipe left to reveal “Utilities” folder – tap on it 

- swipe left again to reveal Settings icon

- tap Settings icon

- on the lower left-side look for Do Not Disturb

- tap Do Not Disturb

- Do Not Disturb is in upper right corner

- if the button is gray, tap to turn it on or "green"

- if the button is already green, leave it alone

- look directly below for “Silence”and tap “Always” 

- double tap home button and swipe up to close Settings

- tap anywhere on screen to access apps

**Shortcut to turn on Do Not Disturb:

>Swipe down from top right corner of screen to access Control Center

>Tap the Moon icon - this turns on Do Not Disturb

>Tap anywhere on screen to access apps

Finding iPad Name:

-log into iPad

-swipe left to reveal “Utilities” folder, tap on it 

-swipe left to reveal the (gray) “Settings” icon, tap on it

-tap “General” in the lower left of screen

-look to upper right and tap on “About”

-”Name” is the first item listed: give that exact name to whomever in Tech is working with your and/or email to

-this will allow us to connect to the iPad remotely and/or control the apps on the iPad

iPad (CDS) App Installation

To add an app to a CDS iPad:

  1. log into iPad
  2. swipe left to reveal “Utilities” folder – tap on it 
  3. look for a 4-colored icon titled “Self Service” & tap on it
  4. scroll down to find the app you’re looking for
  5. tap “install” or “reinstall” button beneath (this might take 30-60 seconds)
  6. tap the “home” (round glass) button on the front of the iPad
  7. tap on the screen and swipe right to the home page
  8. see the app? if yes, great, open it!
  9. if not, swipe left and look for the app on a 3rd "home" screen (following the screen with the Utilities folder)
  10. see the app? if yes, great, open it!
  11. if not, try the two options below


HARD RESET if steps 1-11 above don't work, do a “hard reset” on the iPad by holding down the “wake” button (upper right top of iPad case) and the “home button.” Hold both for approx. 30 seconds until the screen goes black and the white Apple logo begins to reappear. Then, let go. Is the app installed?


If nothing works we appreciate your effort and patience! Please email . We'll help you resolve the issue.

Tips & Tricks

Restart your Device

Not kidding!  Restarting your laptop, iPad, or other device resolves maybe 90% of issues.

  • Mac OS: Click the Apple Symbol (upper-right) and select restart.
  • iPad: Press and hold the Power button, when the message comes up, slide the power icon on the screen to turn the iPad off. Wait about 20 seconds, then press the power button to turn the iPad back on.
  • Windows: Click your Windows START button (keyboard or at the bottom-right of your screen), go to the power symbol (if applicable), and click RESTART.
  • Android: Press and hold the power button and follow the on-screen directions to turn it off.  Wait about 20 seconds, then press the power button to turn back on.

Hard Reset Your Device

Sometimes, your device is frozen, or a normal restart is not working or not resolving the issue.  Try hard resetting your device.

  • Mac OS or Windows: Press and hold the power button for about 10-20 seconds. Once the computer turns off, wait about 15-20 seconds, then press the power button to turn it back on.
  • iPadPress and hold the HOME button and Power button for 15-20 seconds til the Apple symbol shows up on the screen.
  • Android: Press and hold the Volume and Power buttons until your device restarts, and you see something on the screen.

Update Chrome or other browsers

If something is not loading in your browser, you may need to update your browser.

  • Chrome: Click CHROME in the menu bar and go to ABOUT CHROME or go to: chrome://settings/help.  It should auto-update.  If it does not and gives you an error, go to the Download Chrome website and download & install and use that version of Chrome.
  • Also, you can try a different browser like Safari or Internet Explorer if you are having trouble using Chrome.

Keep Zoom up-to-date!

  • Even after a restart, Zoom not working right?  Reinstall Zoom. Quit Zoom first then open SELF SERVICE app and click REINSTALL under the Zoom app. Once it reinstalls, try Zoom again!

Laptop Tips

  • You can enable Dark or Light mode on your CDS laptop.
    System Preferences > General > Appearance
  • Organize Your Desktop With Stacks
    To use the Stacks feature, right-click on a file or the desktop and select Use Stacks from the drop-down menu. Essentially, screenshots will be grouped with screenshots, photos with photos, and PDFs with PDFs, etc. You can also arrange Stacks using keyword tags.
  • Taking Better Screenshots
    Launch the Screenshot tool by going to Launchpad (F4) > Other > Screenshot. While many of the screenshot hotkeys familiar to Mac users still work the same, using Shift + Command + 5 will now activate the tool.

iPad Tips

Other Helpful Resources:

For being physically healthy with your body while using technology, visit our Ergonomics page

For Canvas, go to:

For GarageBand, see:

Adding Android apps to a ChromeBook

Check out the following link for instructions:

Accessibility Features on iOS and MacOS devices

With technology tools getting better everyday, so are the tools for accessibility for those who have learning differences. 


Students will need to go to SETTINGS > ACCESSIBILITY > SPOKEN CONTENT > Turn on all the following: SPEAK SELECTION, SPEAK SCREEN, SPEECH CONTROLLER and I would also suggest turning on HIGHLIGHT CONTENT to help follow allow.

The students can select/download other voices if they do not like “Victoria” which I think is the default voice.





Tech FAQ

How do I reach CDS Tech Department?

To reach CDS Tech Department, please email our support system at .

How do I install/re-install apps on the CDS assigned iPads?

If you need to install/re-install apps on the CDS iPad, please follow the instruction below on how to install from the Self Service App. All of the core apps for Online/Home learning are available to install/re-install on the self-service app. The image below is a sample of "how to install/re-install the Seesaw app".