iPad Setting changes

How to turn on “Do Not Disturb:”

– from home screen, swipe left to reveal “Utilities” folder – tap on it 

– swipe left again to reveal Settings icon

tap Settings icon

– on the lower left-side look for Do Not Disturb

tap Do Not Disturb

– Do Not Disturb is in upper right corner

– if the button is gray, tap to turn it on or “green”

– if the button is already green, leave it alone

– look directly below for “Silence”and tap “Always” 

double tap home button and swipe up to close Settings

– tap anywhere on screen to access apps

**Shortcut to turn on Do Not Disturb:

>Swipe down from top right corner of screen to access Control Center

>Tap the Moon icon – this turns on Do Not Disturb

>Tap anywhere on screen to access apps

Finding iPad Name:

-log into iPad

-swipe left to reveal “Utilities” folder, tap on it 

-swipe left to reveal the (gray) “Settings” icon, tap on it

-tap “General” in the lower left of screen

-look to upper right and tap on “About”

-”Name” is the first item listed: give that exact name to whomever in Tech is working with your and/or email to

-this will allow us to connect to the iPad remotely and/or control the apps on the iPad