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Chrome crashing (4/17/20)

If Chrome is crashing on your Apple computer after a minute or so of use, this is what you will need to do on your Apple Computer:

On your desktop/finder: 
• Click GO in the menu bar 

• Enter the following in the window that opens:~/Library
Click GO

• Open the following folders:
Application Support Google > Chrome 

• Inside the Chrome folder, you will see a DEFAULT folder.  Move the DEFAULT folder to your desktop.  
If you do not see the Default folder, move the PROFILE 1 & PROFILE 2 folders to your desktop.

Then try opening Chrome again.  It should work now! No more crashing! Make sure you log into Chrome so you have your bookmarks repopulate.  

Please note: There are two ways for students to log-into Epic!: 1. using a class code provided by a teacher; this only allows students access M-F, 8a-4p.

2. logging into a free family account set-up by a family after receiving an email from Epic!, initiated by a teacher; this allows student 24/7 access

It may help make sense of this minor complexity by considering: Option 1 is how students would normally login during the day when AT A SCHOOL school; in the past, Option 2 offered families unlimited access with a PAID home subscription (now free to all families thru June 2020).

Zoom Security & Privacy (4/1/20)

To address the privacy and security with Zoom, we now added these changes to our Zoom meeting settings:

  • Permanently enabled “Waiting Room” for all of our zoom meetings
  • Password protect all of our Zoom meetings
  • Mute participants upon entry
  • Prevent participants from screen sharing, only host/co-host can screen share
  • Enable the ability for teachers to lock the meeting

We will keep monitoring and improving the security settings for our Zoom meetings.


03/30/2020 – Seesaw Error 500 / Internal Error

Investigating – Seesaw currently investigating issues loading Seesaw and 500 errors across the site. Mar 30, 08:30 PDT

03/26/2020 – Seesaw Video Processing Delay (Resolved)

Seesaw are investigating a delay in processing videos created in Seesaw on the web (using webcam, upload or Draw+Record) for playback on other platforms. Users will see a “Video Not Ready for Playback” message when trying to play a video on iOS, Android, mobile Safari or Firefox that was created originally on the web. No video data has been lost. Some improvement are made, and they’re still monitoring the issue.

03/27/2020 – Zoom on CDS Middle Schooler iPad (Resolved – see below)

ISSUE: While using Zoom on CDS Middle Schooler’s iPad, the Zoom app will unexpectedly quit when joining a meeting.

UPDATE (3/27): Zoom has pushed out an updated version of the Zoom app for iPads that should resolve the problem!

If you are using a CDS Middle School Student iPad, you may need to reinstall the Zoom app. Go to Self Service app and locate Zoom and click REINSTALL (sometimes you need to click on it a couple of times then it will reinstall).

Technology Requirements

There are TWO essential technology requirements to prepare for Online/Home Learning:

1. DEVICE/HARDWARE: for learning consistencies, we recommend the student to use a dedicated iPad or any Apple Computers (MacBook, iMac, Mac Mini) as what the student uses at school.See below on managing your student devices at home:

  • Review the CDS Online/Home Learning Guide HERE.
  • Parents should have access to purchase/download apps on the device (if using iPads).


  • A shared internet connection with a minimum speed of 15mbps.
    Please contact CDS’ Tech Department at  if you have questions or need assistance with the internet access.

Technology Platforms

CDS will connect with families and students using familiar and new online platforms for day-to-day communications and course-work. The table below describes these platforms:

Communication Platforms – ALL SCHOOL

ParentSquare (www.parentsquare.comCDS Faculty and Staff will post general communications to families, including home learning. 
Zoom (https://cdssf.zoom.usA video-conferencing and screen-sharing app, teachers, students and parents can use Zoom for synchronous learning, check-ins or meetings. CDS Zoom page:
Email Emails will be used for all major communications and announcements to families, including those from teachers, the head of school and division directors. Lower School and ECP teachers will use other platforms to interact directly with their students.

Learning Management Platforms

Google Classroom ( – MS
Middle School students will receive and complete assignments and interact with teachers and peers in Google Classroom, a platform familiar to students and faculty. 
Google Suite for Education (Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Slides) – MS
Middle School students will be using their Google Suite account to write assignments, communicate via emails, collaborating with projects, etc.