iPad (CDS) App Installation

To add an app to a CDS iPad:

  1. log into iPad
  2. swipe left to reveal “Utilities” folder – tap on it 
  3. look for a 4-colored icon titled “Self Service” & tap on it
  4. scroll down to find the app you’re looking for
  5. tap “install” or “reinstall” button beneath (this might take 30-60 seconds)
  6. tap the “home” (round glass) button on the front of the iPad
  7. tap on the screen and swipe right to the home page
  8. see the app? if yes, great, open it!
  9. if not, swipe left and look for the app on a 3rd “home” screen (following the screen with the Utilities folder)
  10. see the app? if yes, great, open it!
  11. if not, try the two options below

HARD RESET if steps 1-11 above don’t work, do a “hard reset” on the iPad by holding down the “wake” button (upper right top of iPad case) and the “home button.” Hold both for approx. 30 seconds until the screen goes black and the white Apple logo begins to reappear. Then, let go. Is the app installed?


If nothing works we appreciate your effort and patience! Please email . We’ll help you resolve the issue.