The SOS app allows a Tech Team staff remotely connect to an iPad.

If a student needs remote tech support on their iPad the SOS is a great way for someone on the Tech Team to view their screen to help troubleshoot. Having the student/family on the phone simultaneously is needed as the SOS app doesn’t include live audio.

To connect a student iPad to the Tech Team simply:

  1. connect by phone with a Tech person
  2. open the SOS app on the iPad
  3. tell the 9-digit number to the Tech person
  4. when prompted, tap the black and white button
  5. tap “start broadcast”
  6. the iPad will countdown from 3, then the iPad screen will be viewable on the Tech person’s laptop
  7. tap Home button to show apps or issues to Tech person
  8. when finished tap “stop broadcast” to end the connection between the devices