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Tech Talks With Families

Tech Talk For Rising 5th Grade Families, Tues. May 26, 4-5p. Please check ParentSquare post to sign up.


  • offer a preview of 5th grade tech use in the coming year
  • encourage idea and resource sharing between households
  • familiarize Tech Team with tech-related questions & concerns


welcome: Introductions, solicit burning questions, and review meeting goals and agenda.

topic 1: What are your reflections on your child’s use of tech at CDS (and in general) thus far?

topic 2: Overview of student tech use in 5th grade: true 1:1 access, Google Classroom, email accounts, responsible use of technology agreements, and 5th grade educational apps & websites used.

topic 3: Looking ahead at the coming year what are your questions, thoughts and hopes for your child’s use of tech in middle school?

topic 4: How is your family working together to discuss tech access and habits, setting limits or other tech-related issues? Tech team shares resources.

wrap-up Next steps and interest in follow meetings?


DreamBox is a K-8 online math program that supplements core instruction in the classroom or at home and is proven to increase math growth. It works on tablets and computers, at no cost to CDS families.

Note about DreamBox app installation on tablets: 1) if working on a CDS iPad the app has been pre-installed remotely. If you don’t see it, follow these instructions to install; 2) if your child is working from a family-owned tablet, download “DreamBox Learning Math” from the App store.

To Access DreamBox on an iPad:

  1. Open the app
  2. Students choose “School” (not “Parent”)
  3. On the first use students are prompted to enter the school code: 5y4j/x7ck
  4. Then enter the correct Classroom Code:
  • Kc1 – Ms. Luisa: 36098
  • Kc2 – Mr. Tristan: 82609
  • Kc3 – Ms. Katie: 96000
  • Kc4 – Ms. Ami 79737
  • 1c1 – Mr. Michael, 62825
  • 1c2 – Ms. Anna, 97802
  • 1c3 – Ms. Reggie, 75639
  • 1c4 – Ms. Belinda, 75861
  • 2c1 – Ms. Kay, 48364
  • 2c2 – Ms. Jessica, 40035
  • 2c3 – Ms. Val, 43549

5. Once logged into their class they need to choose their name.

6. The first time they log-in they’ll need to choose one of the images provided to serve as their passcode in the future. Please help them make a note of this. (If it’s forgotten, email a teacher or – we can see the name of the icon in the system.)

To access DreamBox on a computer:

  1. Enter this link in the browser: https://play.dreambox.com/login/5y4j/x7ck
  2. Then follow steps 4-6 above.

Family Access:

You must create your own family DreamBox Account to review your student’s progress:

1. You need your child’s DreamBox school login information (listed above) the first time.

2. Have student login just as they would at school.

3. Click Setup Parent Access at the bottom of the page.

4. Follow the instructions provided to create a new login and password.

5. Read Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

6. Click “Submit”.

Log into your home account after setup:

1. Go to https://play.dreambox.com
2. Enter your email address and password.
3. To see student progress, click the “Family Dashboard” button.

If you have any questions:

Visit the DreamBox support page for more info.

Contact DreamBox Support at 877-451-7845 (weekdays 5 a.m. to 5 p.m., Pacific Time) or email .

NOTE: The DreamBox Support team is unable to provide your child’s login information and password for security reasons. Please reach out to your child’s teacher directly for their DreamBox login information.

Wet Dry Try

The Wet Dry Try app allows students to practice letters and number writing. It is available via a school-license, or free or paid (at-home) versions. CDS students can be assigned a log-in ID, offering access to the app on any device.

Home access set-up:

  1. Download the FREE Wet Dry Try app onto tablet
  2. Open the app
  3. Tap the center of the screen (on top of the chalk board)
  4. Enter this email:
  5. Tap on student name on right side
  6. Enter two-digit secret code by tapping the correct combination of  A, B, C, 1, 2 or 3. These will populate the two empty squares at the bottom of the screen
  7. Student will automatically be logged in and has access to Capitals, Numbers or Lowercase.
  8. Wet-Dry-Try recommends first practicing with just fingers but also has suggestions for using a hand-held stylus at some point. Visit https://wetdrytry.com/ for more details and support.

Note 1: The free Wet-Dry-Try app can be downloaded and used on any tablet but without an assigned student ID but not all functions are available.

Note 2: The paid Wet-Dry-Try app (currently $4.99 in the Apple app store) does offer full functionality. The


Flipgrid is a creative platform that invites students to create and share videos on topics or challenges created by educators. Each grid includes separate “topics” where students post, view and respond to other CDS student videos. Student access to different grids requires different log-ins.


  • Separate log-in details for ECP, Lower School and Middle School students are below
  • ECP and Lower School students use links to Flipgrids, then log-in with a Flip Code or QR Codeboth are provided by teachers
  • Middle School students use school email
  • Your first log-in takes a few extra steps; future visits will be faster
  • Flip video duration is set by teacher: they can be from :10 seconds to 10-minutes
  • Videos are approved by the teacher(s) after submitted
  • All students see approved videos in their division only
  • Flipgrid Help Center: https://help.flipgrid.com/hc/en-us


Student access via app on tablet or phone:

  • open App (see instructions below if using a CDS iPad)
  • tap Student
  • tap allow Microphone (then tap OK)
  • tap Allow Camera (then tap OK)
  • enter Flip Code (digits following flipgrid.com) or scan QR Code 
  • enter Student ID; 2-3 digits representing first letter of first and last names (if your child has a hyphenated first or last name, include both first letters)
  • You’re now logged in and ready to start! (See How To Use tips below)

Student Web browser access from any device:

  • ECP & LS families log in using flipgrid link shared by teacher
  • enter 2-3 digit Student ID (first initial of first & last names; if your child has a two part first or last name, use both first letters) OR QR Code Scanner button and scan QR Code from a screen or printed page
  • you‘re now logged in and ready to start (see How To Use tips below)


App on a Tablet or Phone:

  • open Flipgrid App (see instructions below if using a CDS iPad)
  • tap Student 
  • enter Flip Code
  • enter your CDS email (One Login pop-up may require you to enter your username and password the first time; click “remember me”)
  • you’re logged in and ready to start (see How To Use tips below)

Web browser on any device:

  • log into https://flipgrid.com/cdsbingoms
  • enter your CDS email (One Login pop-up may require you to enter your username and password the first time) 
  • you’re logged in and ready to start! How To Use tips below)


  1. after logging in…
  2. tap horizontal bar in center of screen to see available CDS “grids”
  3. tap green circle/white to begin making a video
  4. camera will open: choose selfie or rear camera
  5. icons across the bottom of screen from left to right:
  • filters: change hue (color) or add
  • tool: type as many words/messages over your video as you want in different styles them around the frame
  • emojis: choose from 1000smove, resize, pivot, etc.
  • tool: draw, write, change colors!
  • blackboard: turn background black or white 
  • Add Photos from your device
  • option 1: Add video clip (from device), includes an edit option to shorten clip
  • … option 2: record without audio

6. x” in upper left allows you to “leave recorder” or “restart recording”

7. timer icon in upper right tells you how many seconds remaining of 45-seconds allowed

8. small “folded page icon  in upper right open a ‘notes’ (a script or comments you need to read); these won’t be seen in final video

9. small “book” icon in for instructions about the video

10. tap green arrow

11. Tap small cloud icon in download video to your device when finished

12. take a selfie (or photo of anything) & add anything you like

13. tap Green Arrow to send video to Grid moderator (staff who administers the Grid)

14. use your actual name in the Your Name field (if not, the video won’t be approved)

15. add a Title (optional)

16. tap Submit Video

17. after video is submitted you can: share it via airdrop or with Seesaw; download it to your device

Reading Resources – free

Compiled for Children’s Day School Community by
CDS Library Team, Tech Department, and Academic Leadership Team

Reading and Listening*

* ​List inspired by resources compiled by Mei Yang, Librarian, St. Francis High School in Mountain View, CA

Libby​ – This is a platform from OverDrive where you can access thousands of popular eBooks and eAudiobooks for kids, teens, and adults for free using your SFPL Scholar Card.
(Division: MS)

Sora – The kid-friendly version of Libby for Overdrive. Please review ​these Sora instructionsto get started. We ​highly encourage​ your students to use Sora instead of Libby because they get instant access to age-appropriate eBooks and eAudiobooks without having to wade through what’s available on Libby.
(Division: ECP, LS, MS)

TumbleBooks – K-6 children’s ebook database available for free through August 31, 2020. Just click the link above to instantly access a selection of titles for young readers.
(Division: ECP, LS, MS)

Audible ​– A selection of popular audio books. Free while schools are closed for teens and younger ages.
(Division: ECP, LS, MS)

RivetedLit Free Reads​ – Featured popular books, including new releases, from Simon Teen (Simon & Schuster Publishing) that are available for free for a limited time. Check regularly for updates.
(Division: MS)

SwoonReads – A crowdsourced YA fiction imprint of Macmillan Publishing where aspiring writers post their novels for free reading. You may discover the next big hit! Or, be discovered yourself if you’re a writer.
(Division: MS)

Hoopla– You can use your SFPL Scholar Card to access this free digital service for movies, television shows, music, eAudiobooks, comics, and eBooks.
(Division: ECP, LS, MS)

Young Adult Audiobooks on Spotify​ – This article recommends 10 YA audiobooks available on Spotify, and includes directions on how to find more yourself.
(Division: MS)

TeenBookCloud – A selection of free fiction & nonfiction ebooks, as well as graphic novels, drama, and poetry offered by Tumble Book Library while schools are closed. Also get audiobooks for teens, adults, and children at ​AudioBookCloud – includes Spanish language audiobooks.
(Divison: MS)

Apple Books app​ (for Apple laptops and iPads/iPhones) –
Bookstore > Browse sections > Young Adult > Free Bookstore > Search > type in “Free Classics”
Bookstore > Kids > Top Free
(Division: ECP, LS, MS)

For Amazon Prime members. From the Kindle app​ > Discover > Menu icon (next to Search box) > Prime Reading
(Division: ECP, LS, MS)

AudioFile SYNC is a free summer audiobook program for teens 13+ that will run April 30 – July 29, 2020. Two titles are released each week. Download them before the week is up and listen on your own time. Sign up for ​email alerts​ or ​text syncYA to 25827​ to receive Title Alerts.
(Division: MS)

READ.GOV​ – Read classics in the public domain like​ Little Women​ as a service provided by the Library of Congress. Explore books for kids, teens, adults, parents & educators on the left side navigation menu on the homepage.
(Division: LS, MS)

Knowbuddy Resources – providing free unlimited access to hundreds of eBooks through online virtual portal. Available until the end of May. 
User: Password: KNOWBUDDY

Read Alouds

The Big List of Children’s Authors Doing Online Read Alouds & Activities​ – Some of our favorite children’s authors are sharing read alouds and activities.
(Division: ECP, LS, MS)

Storytime from Space​ – Listen to astronauts on the International Space Station read aloud from popular children’s books.
(Division: ECP, LS)

Little Brown Library – A list of free resources like Podcasts and Author Essays from the publisher, Little, Brown and Company. (Division: LS, MS)

Virtual Storytime with SFPL – Available on Instagram at @sfpubliclibrary Tuesdays & Thursdays at 2 p.m. and Saturdays at 10 a.m. Select stories will also be shared on the Library’s YouTube channel. SFPL also offers storytimes in Spanish!

Curated Lists Created by Librarians

The following are a list of additional learning resources vetted by K-12 school librarians and youth service public librarians. We share these resources as additional online tools for families, outside of the classroom curriculum and online platforms teachers are already using (i.e. Seesaw, Google Classroom, IXL, Epic, etc.)

  • Internet Resources During School Closures — A super-comprehensive list of online learning resources for middle schoolers compiled Alexandre Petrakis, SFUSD Teacher Librarian and Youth Librarian for San Francisco Public Library (Division: MS)
  • Just for fun links: free resources for kids — A list of free, virtual activities to do with kids, compiled by Tana Perotin, Director of Library and Research Services, Bellarmine College Preparatory (Division: ECP, LS, MS) 
  • Recreational Reading Links — This list of reading and e-books/e-audiobooks is tailored to grade K-5, compiled by Keira Pride, Manager of Library Services, Stratford School (Division: ECP, LS) 
  • How to Keep Kids Happy, Safe and Connected During the Pandemic — Suggested activities and a list of online resources from the blog of Connected Camps, a not-for-profit organization providing connected learning experiences that foster creativity, problem solving, collaboration and interest-driven learning. (Division: LS, MS)

Open Wide School

Built in a matter of days on a shared vision by more than 25 organizations that came together, Wide Open School is a free collection of quality online learning experiences for kids curated by the editors at Common Sense. Watch for new features and content partners frequently.



Seesaw is where ECP and lower school students access teacher posted content, zoom schedules, and teacher notifications and comments.

Three Important Notes About Seesaw:

  • Students access Seesaw with the “Class ” app using their Google/CDS credentials.
  • Families must sign up to connect to their child’s Seesaw profile and use the “family” app to view their work.
  • Students cannot directly email a teacher through Seesaw; only parents can.

Student Access

  1. On an iPad or tablet, install the Seesaw “class” app
  2. If working on a computer go to: https://web.seesaw.me/ and tap log in
  3. After opening Seesaw, tap “I’m a Student”
  4. Choose “Sign in with Google”
  5. If the device has memorized the student’s school Google profile tap it, otherwise tap “use another account”
  6. In the next window, enter student’s full CDS email
  7. In the OneLogin pop up window, enter their username (everything before the ‘@’ sign in email) – be sure to also check the ‘remember username’ box
  8. Finally, enter the student’s password and also check the ‘remember password’ box
  9. Tap student name in upper left corner of screen to see all classes enrolled in.

Parent Access

  1. If you have an iPad or tablet, install the Seesaw Family app
  2. If working on a computer, go to https://web.seesaw.me/parents and tap log in
  3. Open the app and tap “I’m a Parent”
  4. Scan your QR code or type in your code number
  5. Follow any prompts and set your preference for how you should be notified when your child posts their work.
Download Student Posts

Want to download all of the work created by your child/ren prior to changing cohorts, leaving CDS, or ending the school year? Please follow these instructions and email once finished so we can changes their enrollment.

Privacy Policy: https://web.seesaw.me/privacy

iPad Setting changes

How to turn on “Do Not Disturb:”

– from home screen, swipe left to reveal “Utilities” folder – tap on it 

– swipe left again to reveal Settings icon

tap Settings icon

– on the lower left-side look for Do Not Disturb

tap Do Not Disturb

– Do Not Disturb is in upper right corner

– if the button is gray, tap to turn it on or “green”

– if the button is already green, leave it alone

– look directly below for “Silence”and tap “Always” 

double tap home button and swipe up to close Settings

– tap anywhere on screen to access apps

**Shortcut to turn on Do Not Disturb:

>Swipe down from top right corner of screen to access Control Center

>Tap the Moon icon – this turns on Do Not Disturb

>Tap anywhere on screen to access apps

Finding iPad Name:

-log into iPad

-swipe left to reveal “Utilities” folder, tap on it 

-swipe left to reveal the (gray) “Settings” icon, tap on it

-tap “General” in the lower left of screen

-look to upper right and tap on “About”

-”Name” is the first item listed: give that exact name to whomever in Tech is working with your and/or email to

-this will allow us to connect to the iPad remotely and/or control the apps on the iPad

iPad (CDS) App Installation

To add an app to a CDS iPad:

  1. log into iPad
  2. swipe left to reveal “Utilities” folder – tap on it 
  3. look for a 4-colored icon titled “Self Service” & tap on it
  4. scroll down to find the app you’re looking for
  5. tap “install” or “reinstall” button beneath (this might take 30-60 seconds)
  6. tap the “home” (round glass) button on the front of the iPad
  7. tap on the screen and swipe right to the home page
  8. see the app? if yes, great, open it!
  9. if not, swipe left and look for the app on a 3rd “home” screen (following the screen with the Utilities folder)
  10. see the app? if yes, great, open it!
  11. if not, try the two options below

HARD RESET if steps 1-11 above don’t work, do a “hard reset” on the iPad by holding down the “wake” button (upper right top of iPad case) and the “home button.” Hold both for approx. 30 seconds until the screen goes black and the white Apple logo begins to reappear. Then, let go. Is the app installed?


If nothing works we appreciate your effort and patience! Please email . We’ll help you resolve the issue.

Kids A-Z

Kids A-Z is set up by teachers for students to access a shelf full of books at their ‘just right’ reading level. Questions at the end of each book gauge comprehension and text is highlighted on screen as children read books. Lower School Spanish teachers periodically assign Spanish-language books on topics familiar to students, and encourage students to listen to and read these books.

Kids A-Z Parent Login Instructions:

    • Step 1: Go to www.kidsa-z.com or download the app
    • Step 2: Tap “Member Login” in upper right corner
    • Step 3: Enter classroom-specific Username and Password (provided by teacher)
    • Step 4: Tap “Log In”
    • Step 5: Tap “Manage Students”
    • Step 6: Tap your child’s name on class list
    • Step 7: If nec, enter your child’s password, (first and last initial); Example: Belinda Gray = bg

Help: https://www.raz-kids.com/main/ViewPage/name/tips/