Kids A-Z

Kids A-Z is set up by teachers for students to access a shelf full of books at their ‘just right’ reading level. Questions at the end of each book gauge comprehension and text is highlighted on screen as children read books. Lower School Spanish teachers periodically assign Spanish-language books on topics familiar to students, and encourage students to listen to and read these books.

Kids A-Z Parent Login Instructions:

    • Step 1: Go to or download the app
    • Step 2: Tap “Member Login” in upper right corner
    • Step 3: Enter classroom-specific Username and Password (provided by teacher)
    • Step 4: Tap “Log In”
    • Step 5: Tap “Manage Students”
    • Step 6: Tap your child’s name on class list
    • Step 7: If nec, enter your child’s password, (first and last initial); Example: Belinda Gray = bg