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Ergonomic Health:
What is ergonomics? Ergonomics is an applied science concerned with designing and arranging things people use so that the people and things interact most efficiently and safely. More simply, it is a science on how to keep your body happy and healthy.

We want you to have a happy and healthy body too when you are using your iPad or laptop at home! Here are a few tips for everyone!

  1. Posture: It’s important that they sit up in their chairs with the soles of their feet resting naturally on the ground. A chair with good back support will help support this. The annoyance of sitting up upright will save you years of pain down the line.
  2. Screens: Computer screens should always remain about an arm’s distance away, and should be kept at such a height that your neck strains neither up nor down. A good laptop or tablet stand can help you achieve the right position. 
  3. Lighting: Ensure your schoolwork spaces are always amply lit and away from any windows or lamps that can create glare. Maybe reposition the lamp.
  4. Sound: It’s important to limit the volume so that it is no more than 60 percent of the maximum allowed. Alternatively, use child-friendly headphones, which do this limiting automatically.
  5. Check out this fun video on how to be ergonomic for different people!

Tech Tips for Families

Need help strategizing with your family about how to keep a healthy balance screen time and everything else available to us?! The links below offer different ways to talk about, monitor, limit and block device functions. These change regularly – and new ones are always in development – so please let us know what you discover works for you!

Home Use of Technology Agreement helps families start talking about technology use at home.

Common Sense Media: (Click “Parents Need to Know”)

Cold Turkey:

Screen Time for Mac iOS:


Circle by Disney:

Find Focus (resource info):

StayFocused [Chrome browser extension]:

Microsoft Family Safety:

CDS Middle School Parent Technology Users Group:

Block Site Google Chrome extension:


Canva is a fast, easy way to create posters, postcards, infographics, or anything visual you can imagine! You can start with a template or start from scratch, and Canva is available via an app and web browsers!


On CDS iPads, if not already installed or need to reinstall:
• Go to the SELF SERVICE app

• Click INSTALL/REINSTALL for the Canva app
You may need to click install a couple of times if it does not install the first time.

On personal/family devices and laptops, go to one of the following links:

Privacy Policy:


TypingClub is an educational platform for keyboarding that is app and web-based.

If using the “EdClub” app:

  • open the app
  • enter the school code “cds-sf”
  • tap “Sign in with Google
  • enter your CDS email
  • a pop-up window from will ask for the username
  • your username is everything before the “@” sign in the email address
  • BE SURE to check “Remember my username” box (so you won’t have to take this step again)
  • enter password
  • you’re ready to go!

Using a web browser?

If you are still having trouble logging into TypingClub, please ask your parent/guardian to contact .

Privacy Policy:

Khan Academy

For Middle School Students only.


On CDS iPads, if not already installed or need to reinstall:
• Go to the SELF SERVICE app

• Click INSTALL/REINSTALL for the GarageBand app
You may need to click install a couple of times if it does not install the first time.

On personal/family devices and laptops,
go to one of the following links :

  • iOS(iPad) (free)
  • Android (free)
  • For other devices, use a web browser
    (Google Chrome is recommended)

Logging In

Something not loading?

If you are using Google Chrome, make sure Google Chrome is up-to-date.
On an Apple computer, click CHROME in the menu bar and select ABOUT CHROME. It should automatically check for updates and update. You may need to restart your Chrome browser once it updates.

Khan Academy is specifically designed to work with the Google Chrome browser. Most things should work in other browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc. but if something does not work, try it in Google Chrome.

Khan Academy is designed to work in the Chrome web browser on a computer and not all items in Khan Academy will load on an iPad. Make sure the app is up-to-date and most lessons should work on your iPad that your teacher assigns. You can update the Khan Academy app with the directions at the top of this page.

You may want to try using the Chrome browser on your iPad to see if it will load as well.

Privacy Policy:


Wondering where to read eBooks and listen to audiobooks free? Try Sora!

What is Sora by Overdrive

An app and website where students and families access electronic reading and listening. CDS has access to an Overdrive library shared with various independent schools in the Bay Area.

What about San Francisco Public Library content? 

Access SFPL’s Overdrive content using the Sora or Libby apps thanks to a partnership through SFPL Scholar Card

Can’t I just use Libby for SFPL content? 

  • You can! However, we highly recommend you access SFPL’s library through Sora
  • Sora automatically sets access levels for juvenile (ECP – 6th grade) and young adult (7-8 grade) content, making it easier to browse books at your level of interest
  • It also means you don’t have to switch between apps to view SFPL’s collection
  • It’s a kid-friendly version of Libby, with achievement badges gained the more you read


A tutorial video of the instructions below is available here.

1. Click Sora app. 
If using a web browser sign in using this link
& skip to step 4.
2. Select the green button: My school is BAISL Shared Digital Collection
3. Select Children’s Day School from dropdown menu

4. Login Information: Type in your username. No password required. 

Username = [student first name][last name initial][graduation year from CDS], i.e. Student: Jane Doe | Kindergarten (2028) | Username: janed2028


Explore the collection:

Check out a book. Gain badges the more you read. 


  1. Click on the menu icon at the top right 
  2. Click add a public library 
  3. Search for San Francisco Public Library 
  4. Click on SF to automatically access SFPL Overdrive content


  1. To check out a book from SFPL, sign in to your SFPL account at checkout.  
  2. Use your SFPL Scholar Card information to sign in. If you need this, contact All School Librarian Cristal Fiel at .
  3. If you have changed your pin since receiving your Scholar Card and you can’t remember it, contact SFPL staff to reset it
  4. Once signed-in you can automatically check out the book or place a hold

Happy Exploring! Happy Reading! 

For privacy info, please see OverDrive Privacy Policy.


For Middle School Students

Logging in


You should see CANVAS within your account. 
If you do not see Canvas, click CDS APPS: EVERYTHING and you should see Canvas.


Parent/Guardian login info is located on the PARENT CANVAS INSTRUCTIONS page.

Canvas Navigation video:

The above link is a video on how to navigate Canvas.  In your Navigation or one of your other classes may be reviewing this video and how to access Canvas with you as well.

How to do/submit an Assignment (Basic videos)

  • On iPad: How to paste Google Doc Link

How to change a Google Doc to a PDF to submit on Canvas

On Computers/Chromebooks

  • Open the Google Doc
  • Click FILE
  • Click DOWNLOAD
  • Click PDF
    It will download to your downloads folder or other designated area on your device.

On iPads

Here is a short video on how to do the following instructions for iPad.

1) Open your Google Doc
2) Tap the triple dot symbol (more button) in the upper left corner


5) Tap PDF and tap OK


7) Tap to select ON MY IPAD

It will save in FILES (looks like a folder).

From there you can go open Canvas, upload the assignment.
2) Tap FILES
3) Tap LOCATIONS on the LEFT
5) You should see your PDF document. Tap it and then tap SUBMIT to turn it in.

How to MARKUP (add text) to a PDF your teacher has uploaded for you

On iPad:

You will need to download it and use MARKUP to type on the sheet:

  • Go to the PDF document in Canvas.
  • Click the SEND TO button in the upper right corner
  • If MARKUP is there, click MARKUP.
    • If “MARKUP” is not there:
      • Click EDIT ACTIONS
      • Click/tap the PLUS symbol next to MARKUP
      • Click DONE.
      • Then you should see MARKUP in the list. Tap MARKUP.
  • Once you are in MARKUP, click/tap the + plus symbol and select TEXT to put in a text box. You can continue to add all the text boxes you need to fill in your worksheet.
  • When you are done, click DONE in the upper left corner.
  • Tap ON MY IPAD
  • Tap SAVE.
  • Now to turn your assignment in!
  • Go back to CANVAS app and go to the assignment.
  • Click/tap SUBMIT ASSIGNMENT button
  • Tap/Click FILES
  • Tap/Click your file you want to upload.
  • Tap/Click SUBMIT

On Computer:

  • Download the PDF and open in PREVIEW app.  
  • Click the MARKUP button at the top.
  • Use the tools at the top to fill in the PDF like the Text Box tool.
  • Save when you are done.
  • To turn in the assignment in Canvas,  watch this video to learn how: (Links to an external site.)

3) If you printed it and filled it out by hand, scan the file if you are able to, otherwise take a picture and upload it. 

  • Tap the SCANNER button
  • Use your iPad camera to “scan”/take a picture of the sheet.
  • Tap SUBMIT.

Open Assignments

Open Assignments

In Course Navigation, click the Assignments link.

Open Assignment

Open Assignment

Click the name of the assignment.

Submit Assignment

Submit Assignment

Click the Submit Assignment button.

Add Image in Text Entry

Add Image in Text Entry

To embed an image as part of a text entry assignment, click the Text Entry tab.

Open Embed Image Button

Open Embed Image Button

Click the Embed Image button to insert a picture.

Choose Image Source

Choose Image Source

To embed a photo from the internet, click the URL tab [1]. To embed a photo that is already uploaded in your personal files in Canvas, click the Canvas tab [2]. To embed an image from Flickr, click the Flickr tab [3].

Update Assignment

Update Assignment

Click the Update button.

Add Image in File Upload

Add Image in File Upload

If you can add an image as your entire submission, click the Choose File button in the File Upload tab.

Note: Your instructor may restrict the types of file uploads that are allowed.

Select Image

Select Image

Locate and select the image you want to upload on your computer [1]. Click the Open button [2].

Confirm Image Submission

Confirm Image Submission

Confirm your image upload file [1]. You can add additional files by clicking the Add Another File link [2].

Submit Assignment

Submit Assignment

When you are finished, click the Submit Assignment button to submit your assignment.

View Submitted Assignment

View Submitted Assignment

You can view your submitted assignment by clicking the Submission Details [1] or the Download [2] links.

Enable uploading Google Drive files in Canvas

  • Locate your assignment and click SUBMIT ASSIGNMENT
  • Select FILE UPLOAD
  • Tap FILES
  • Tap BROWSE (upper left)
  • Tap GOOGLE DRIVE on the left
  • Find or search your Google Doc and tap it
  • Tap SUBMIT

View Feedback on Submitted Assignments

After turning in an assignment, a teacher can enter a grade or points AND send you feedback.

A student will get an email from Canvas when they receive feedback:


Feedback is listed on the RIGHT side of the assignment in Canvas.

  • On the Dashboard in Canvas using CARD or RECENT ACTIVITY views
  • Click the link in the email to get to the assignment directly
  • Go to the HOME page of your class and on the LEFT side you will see recent feedback.

Change Dashboard View

Each Dashboard view has it’s advantages and disadvantages and is useful to switch between them from time to time.

Click the MORE [triple dot] icon in the upper right and select the other views.

Card View is nice for seeing all your classes listed AND seeing recent grades/feedback from your teachers and TO DO items on the right side

List View is great to see what assignments and to-do items are coming up by order of date.

Uploading your Google Docs on an iPad

  • Locate your assignment and click SUBMIT ASSIGNMENT
  • Tap FILES
  • Tap BROWSE

View All your Classwork for a Class

Coming soon.



On CDS iPads, if not already installed or need to reinstall:
• Go to the SELF SERVICE app

• Click INSTALL/REINSTALL for the GarageBand app
You may need to click install a couple of times if it does not install the first time.

On personal/family devices and laptops,
go to one of the following links :


  • Apple Computer:
  • iPad:
    • UPLOADING FROM IPAD TO GOOGLE DRIVE: If you are uploading music up to Google Drive:
      • In the “My Songs” browser, tap and hold the song you want to share, tap Share, then tap Song. You can add the artist, composer, and title information, choose the audio quality, and an image for the audio file.
      • Tap Share (upper right corner)Select Google Drive, select your CDS Gmail accountTap SELECT FOLDER and select where you want to save itClick SAVE HEREClick UPLOAD.It will save the music file as a .m4a file (a file format that is similar to MP3 and can be played in Chrome, Google Drive app, etc).
      • Click on SHARE in the menu bar at the topClick EXPORT SONG TO DISC
        • Name your file …so it makes sense to your teacher, like “Jane Doe Composition Assignment 2”
        • Select where to save it Saving to your DESKTOP might make it easy to find…
        • Select MP3For QUALITY, select High or Very HighClick EXPORT
      • Import your file to Google Drive:
        • Open your browser (like Chrome) and go to Google Drive ( the PLUS symbol (upper left)Click UPLOAD FILEFind & select your .mp3 file and click OPEN That’s it! You have uploaded it to Google Drive. Now you can add it into Google Classroom or share with your classmates and teachers from Google Drive. Note: For assignments, please follow your teacher’s instructions.
    • Locate your .Band File (maybe in your Music or Documents folders, or Desktop.
    • Right-Click (or CTRL+click) the file and select COMPRESS from the dropdown menu.
    • It will save a .ZIP file of your GarageBand file. What this does is bring all the hidden files into the file with the GarageBand file together so when you send it, the other person or other computer will have ALL the parts of the song you are working on.
    • Once it finishes, upload the .ZIP file to Google Drive and share to the other person or download to the other computer.
    • For the other person or other computer, once you download the .ZIP file, double-click it to open the compressed file and it will open to a .BAND file.
    • Open this file in GarageBand.

    • Microphone not recording your voice in GarageBand on your laptop?

      • First save and quit GarageBand.
      • Click the Apple logo in the upper left corner and select SYSTEM PREFERENCES.
      • Click the PRIVACY tab.
      • On the left side, click Microphone.
      • On the right side, you should see GarageBand listed.
      • Check the box next to GarageBand.
      • Close the System Preferences window.
      • Open GarageBand, and it should allow the microphone to record now.
  • Tips & Tricks

    Restart your Device

    Not kidding!  Restarting your laptop, iPad, or other device resolves maybe 90% of issues.

    • Mac OS: Click the Apple Symbol (upper-right) and select restart.
    • iPad: Press and hold the Power button, when the message comes up, slide the power icon on the screen to turn the iPad off. Wait about 20 seconds, then press the power button to turn the iPad back on.
    • Windows: Click your Windows START button (keyboard or at the bottom-right of your screen), go to the power symbol (if applicable), and click RESTART.
    • Android: Press and hold the power button and follow the on-screen directions to turn it off.  Wait about 20 seconds, then press the power button to turn back on.

    Hard Reset Your Device

    Sometimes, your device is frozen, or a normal restart is not working or not resolving the issue.  Try hard resetting your device.

    • Mac OS or Windows: Press and hold the power button for about 10-20 seconds. Once the computer turns off, wait about 15-20 seconds, then press the power button to turn it back on.
    • iPadPress and hold the HOME button and Power button for 15-20 seconds til the Apple symbol shows up on the screen.
    • Android: Press and hold the Volume and Power buttons until your device restarts, and you see something on the screen.

    Update Chrome or other browsers

    If something is not loading in your browser, you may need to update your browser.

    • Chrome: Click CHROME in the menu bar and go to ABOUT CHROME or go to: chrome://settings/help.  It should auto-update.  If it does not and gives you an error, go to the Download Chrome website and download & install and use that version of Chrome.
    • Also, you can try a different browser like Safari or Internet Explorer if you are having trouble using Chrome.

    Keep Zoom up-to-date!

    • Even after a restart, Zoom not working right?  Reinstall Zoom. Quit Zoom first then open SELF SERVICE app and click REINSTALL under the Zoom app. Once it reinstalls, try Zoom again!

    Laptop Tips

    • You can enable Dark or Light mode on your CDS laptop.
      System Preferences > General > Appearance
    • Organize Your Desktop With Stacks
      To use the Stacks feature, right-click on a file or the desktop and select Use Stacks from the drop-down menu. Essentially, screenshots will be grouped with screenshots, photos with photos, and PDFs with PDFs, etc. You can also arrange Stacks using keyword tags.
    • Taking Better Screenshots
      Launch the Screenshot tool by going to Launchpad (F4) > Other > Screenshot. While many of the screenshot hotkeys familiar to Mac users still work the same, using Shift + Command + 5 will now activate the tool.

    iPad Tips

    Other Helpful Resources:

    For being physically healthy with your body while using technology, visit our Ergonomics page

    For Canvas, go to:

    For GarageBand, see:

    Adding Android apps to a ChromeBook

    Check out the following link for instructions:

    Accessibility Features on iOS and MacOS devices

    With technology tools getting better everyday, so are the tools for accessibility for those who have learning differences. 


    Students will need to go to SETTINGS > ACCESSIBILITY > SPOKEN CONTENT > Turn on all the following: SPEAK SELECTION, SPEAK SCREEN, SPEECH CONTROLLER and I would also suggest turning on HIGHLIGHT CONTENT to help follow allow.

    The students can select/download other voices if they do not like “Victoria” which I think is the default voice.