Khan Academy

For Middle School Students only.


On CDS iPads, if not already installed or need to reinstall:
• Go to the SELF SERVICE app

• Click INSTALL/REINSTALL for the GarageBand app
You may need to click install a couple of times if it does not install the first time.

On personal/family devices and laptops,
go to one of the following links :

  • iOS(iPad) (free)
  • Android (free)
  • For other devices, use a web browser
    (Google Chrome is recommended)

Logging In

Something not loading?

If you are using Google Chrome, make sure Google Chrome is up-to-date.
On an Apple computer, click CHROME in the menu bar and select ABOUT CHROME. It should automatically check for updates and update. You may need to restart your Chrome browser once it updates.

Khan Academy is specifically designed to work with the Google Chrome browser. Most things should work in other browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc. but if something does not work, try it in Google Chrome.

Khan Academy is designed to work in the Chrome web browser on a computer and not all items in Khan Academy will load on an iPad. Make sure the app is up-to-date and most lessons should work on your iPad that your teacher assigns. You can update the Khan Academy app with the directions at the top of this page.

You may want to try using the Chrome browser on your iPad to see if it will load as well.

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