April 8, 2020

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Flipgrid is a creative platform that invites students to create and share videos on topics or challenges created by educators. Each grid includes separate “topics” where students post, view and respond to other CDS student videos. Student access to different grids requires different log-ins.


  • Separate log-in details for ECP, Lower School and Middle School students are below
  • ECP and Lower School students use links to Flipgrids, then log-in with a Flip Code or QR Codeboth are provided by teachers
  • Middle School students use school email
  • Your first log-in takes a few extra steps; future visits will be faster
  • Flip video duration is set by teacher: they can be from :10 seconds to 10-minutes
  • Videos are approved by the teacher(s) after submitted
  • All students see approved videos in their division only
  • Flipgrid Help Center: https://help.flipgrid.com/hc/en-us


Student access via app on tablet or phone:

  • open App (see instructions below if using a CDS iPad)
  • tap Student
  • tap allow Microphone (then tap OK)
  • tap Allow Camera (then tap OK)
  • enter Flip Code (digits following flipgrid.com) or scan QR Code 
  • enter Student ID; 2-3 digits representing first letter of first and last names (if your child has a hyphenated first or last name, include both first letters)
  • You’re now logged in and ready to start! (See How To Use tips below)

Student Web browser access from any device:

  • ECP & LS families log in using flipgrid link shared by teacher
  • enter 2-3 digit Student ID (first initial of first & last names; if your child has a two part first or last name, use both first letters) OR QR Code Scanner button and scan QR Code from a screen or printed page
  • you‘re now logged in and ready to start (see How To Use tips below)


App on a Tablet or Phone:

  • open Flipgrid App (see instructions below if using a CDS iPad)
  • tap Student 
  • enter Flip Code
  • enter your CDS email (One Login pop-up may require you to enter your username and password the first time; click “remember me”)
  • you’re logged in and ready to start (see How To Use tips below)

Web browser on any device:

  • log into https://flipgrid.com/cdsbingoms
  • enter your CDS email (One Login pop-up may require you to enter your username and password the first time) 
  • you’re logged in and ready to start! How To Use tips below)


  1. after logging in…
  2. tap horizontal bar in center of screen to see available CDS “grids”
  3. tap green circle/white to begin making a video
  4. camera will open: choose selfie or rear camera
  5. icons across the bottom of screen from left to right:
  • filters: change hue (color) or add
  • tool: type as many words/messages over your video as you want in different styles them around the frame
  • emojis: choose from 1000smove, resize, pivot, etc.
  • tool: draw, write, change colors!
  • blackboard: turn background black or white 
  • Add Photos from your device
  • option 1: Add video clip (from device), includes an edit option to shorten clip
  • … option 2: record without audio

6. x” in upper left allows you to “leave recorder” or “restart recording”

7. timer icon in upper right tells you how many seconds remaining of 45-seconds allowed

8. small “folded page icon  in upper right open a ‘notes’ (a script or comments you need to read); these won’t be seen in final video

9. small “book” icon in for instructions about the video

10. tap green arrow

11. Tap small cloud icon in download video to your device when finished

12. take a selfie (or photo of anything) & add anything you like

13. tap Green Arrow to send video to Grid moderator (staff who administers the Grid)

14. use your actual name in the Your Name field (if not, the video won’t be approved)

15. add a Title (optional)

16. tap Submit Video

17. after video is submitted you can: share it via airdrop or with Seesaw; download it to your device

Tech Tips for Families

Need help strategizing with your family about how to keep a healthy balance screen time and everything else available to us?! The links below offer different ways to talk about, monitor, limit and block device functions. These change regularly – and new ones are always in development – so please let us know what you discover works for you!

Home Use of Technology Agreement helps families start talking about technology use at home.

Common Sense Media: https://www.commonsensemedia.org/ (Click “Parents Need to Know”)

Cold Turkey: https://getcoldturkey.com/

Screen Time for Mac iOS: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT208982

RescueTime: https://www.rescuetime.com/

Circle by Disney: https://meetcircle.com/

Find Focus (resource info): https://findfocus.net/stayfocusd/

StayFocused [Chrome browser extension]: https://meetcircle.com/

Microsoft Family Safety: https://account.microsoft.com/family/about

CDS Middle School Parent Technology Users Group: https://www.parentsquare.com/groups/17238/feeds

Block Site Google Chrome extension: