Every student and every family is unique and will respond to the current context in ways that make sense and meet needs that are equally important.  Learning at home and online during a public health crisis is an entirely new way of life for all of us.  It is NOT business as usual.  It is important to honor your experience and make choices that make sense for your family’s well being, and to do that with confidence during this time.  If that means, prioritizing and limiting the amount of time spent on online home learning, to spend more time on house chores and being with family, then we support you to make that choice.  As you prioritize and make choices about which assignments to complete, we recommend that you prioritize assignments from your child’s core classroom teachers in the major subject areas (language arts, math).  We also encourage you to speak directly with your child’s teachers and/or advisor to seek help in prioritizing and managing the workload.  No child or family should leave this experience feeling like they have failed at online / home learning.  We are here to support you and committed to ensuring that all of our students and families can engage and participate with confidence and success.