October 16, 2020

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ProCare student Sign-in/out

CDS use ProCare Connect (formerly Kinderlime) for student sign-in/out and health check form.

Please find the information below on how to use ProCare:

  • Please make sure to come early to provide enough time when dropping off/picking up your child
  • Make sure you have an account with ProCare (formerly Kinderlime) 
    • Sign-up instructions HERE
  • Have the ProCare Connect App ready and logged in as a parent
    • Compatible mobile device & app download info HERE
  • Follow these instructions for Sign-in/Sign-out using:

If you already have the ProCare App and forgot your login info, please follow the instruction below on how to reset your ProCare password:

1. Open ProCare App and click login on the bottom of the page

2. If you already have an account in Kinderlime/ProCare and forgot your password, please reset your password (see pic below)

Contact if you have any problems with your ProCare account.

SSAT PSI App instructions for Parents

If your child is prepping for High School and you have signed up for the SSAT test, you will have gotten an email. In the email message, follow the instructions to test your connection and download a new copy of the PSI app.

If you are on a CDS Student laptop has an OLDER copy of the PSI app already installed. You will need to DELETE this before installing the new version:
• On your Finder/Desktop, click GO > HOME

• Open the Applications folder.
• DELETE the PSI Secure Browser app.
After the OLD copy is gone, install the new version per the email!

If you need an admin username and password for the CDS middle school student laptop, email .