July 6, 2020

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Filtering & Focus Tools

Below is a shortlist of resources and tools that can help kids stay safe and focused – and parents informed – with digital devices at home. At CDS we use a number of filters on our school networks that don’t translate off campus.

There is no perfect “home remedy” to recommend: so much depends upon the devices being used, age of the child, the specific issue, etc. The Tech Team encourages you to explore a variety of options, to talk as a family and to talk with other families about what’s working for them. What we do know is that kids are safest and the most responsible when they feel OK talking about their digital lives with adults who care about them.

Three suggestions:

1. Create a written agreement about what’s OK for your child (and perhaps yourselves) and post these in sight for everyone.

2. Create regular ‘family digital fun time’ when you all get together for a brief period to watch, play, explore, laugh, discuss, etc.

3. Keep in mind that young people’s digital behaviors are constantly shifting – often for the better even though it seems forever challenging. Limits and consequences may be necessary, but keep in mind that every “problem” related to teens and technology is a rich learning opportunity for everyone.

Screen Time:

Screen Time can be set up by families on CDS iPads to help you gain insight that’ll demystify what exactly your child is doing on their iPad. To set it up:

1. Go to the Settings app

2. Turn on Screen Time

3. Navigate to Downtime & App Limits.

4. There you can add time limits to “Entertainment” platforms including YouTube. You can also view your child’s iPad use by day or week, etc.

Other Resources:

Filtering & Productivity Tools: