April 21, 2020

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Roles & Responsibilities: Faculty & Staff

  • Establish routines and expectations: How are you setting yourself up for success? Define on and off times to best balance personal and professional obligations. 
  • Establish times for physical exercise, quiet, and reflection. It is important you take care of yourself first. 
  • Define your physical space: Where are you working? Do you need to make adjustments so you can more easily balance work/personal time? Do you have what you need? If not, what can you do to get it? Use tips for ergonomic best practices, exercises, and stretches
  • Refine teaching and learning goals: Define the most important learning goals and focus on what you can reasonably help students accomplish by the end of the year. 
  • Prioritize asking for support if you notice diminishing returns – or a sense of overwhelm – in your online from home efforts. Rethink, reapproach, and reach out to your supervisor, the Tech team, or whoever might bring a valued perspective! 
  • Interrupt life online with plenty of offline engagement that makes you smile, expands your thinking, boosts your social connections, or gets you moving. Indulge your senses with a meal, exercise, a phone call, a book, etc. 
  • Monitor communications from parents via ParentSquare/email. Set boundaries about how and when to respond: our policy of a 24-hour response is still in effect. If a parent is overstepping reach out for support from your division head and/or Shelly.
  • Remain mindful of your stresses or worry and reach out to a friend, division head, counselor, or Shelly if you need support. 
  • Support your own emotional balance by creating ample time for reflection, physical activity, conversation, and play (yes, even adults). Your well-being affects how well we can serve ourselves and others.
  • Communicate questions/concerns with your supervisor so we can support you. PLEASE ask for help.
  • We are all in this together, and yet each person has a different perspective and set of circumstances they are managing. We need to do our work with the concept of equity, not equality. How we need to do things may be different and it is also important to remember that this holds true for families.
  • Practice gratitude by remembering what you can be grateful for and seeing how you can support others with random acts of kindness or other small actions.