April 17, 2020

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Zoom Recording Policies

  • To protect the safety and privacy of both students and faculty at CDS, all 1-to-1 Zoom sessions will be recorded. Recording these sessions ensures that we can continue to practice the same level of professionalism and preservation of boundaries that we practice while in CDS buildings. 
  • Similarly, classroom recordings will occasionally be recorded.
  • It is recommended that 1-to-1 sessions be conducted in spaces other than bedrooms although it is understood that sometimes this cannot be avoided, the doors of both should remain open. Teachers will be expected to dress professionally.
  • No 1:1 sessions whatsoever should be conducted online with students’ families who have not signed the consent form, unless a parent of that student is present during the (unrecorded) 1:1 session; or, unless that parent provides their consent by signing the form. 
  • All 1:1 session video recordings will be stored in the Zoom Cloud Recording platform and will be archived. They will only be accessed by the CDS technology director at the request of the Head of School (for 1:1 sessions) or the teacher/administrator leading the class or meeting.
  • Recorded Zoom class sessions can be recorded locally or to the Zoom Cloud Recording platform. And will primarily be used to support students unable to attend live class sessions and will occasionally be used to support teacher development and the sharing of best practices.
  • 1:1 recordings will only be accessed if there becomes a concern about professionalism or boundaries.

Updated 5/20/2020

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the use of the occasional classroom recordings?
    • To support any absent students so they can retrieve missing lessons/instruction
    • Classroom sessions may be recorded to assist CDS with valuable instruction and curriculum tools for best practices.
  • Why is the 1-to-1 recording important and required?
    • Ensuring the safety of the student and faculty at CDS is highly important. Each classroom in our buildings included windows through which students and teachers are always visible. Recording the 1-to-1 zoom session creates a safety net in the virtual world and ensures that we maintain the same level of professionalism. In order to protect both students and teachers, we are recording 1-to-1 sessions. 
  • Where are the video recordings stored? 
    • ALL recordings will be stored in the Zoom Cloud Recording platform.
  • What are the privacy settings and retention policy?
    • All zoom cloud recordings are encrypted and only the meeting host (the respective teacher), their supervisor, and Zoom account admin will have access to the recording
    • For privacy purposes, all Zoom sessions by faculty and staff can only be recorded to Zoom Cloud Recording
    • Cloud recording cannot be downloaded except by our Zoom Administrator
    • Zoom recordings CANNOT be deleted by teachers or other staff. Only the CDS Zoom administrator can delete them.
    • A recording disclaimer is enabled: 
      • Zoom app will ask/notify meeting participants for consent when a recording starts
      • Zoom app will ask/notify the host to confirm before starting a recording
    • All video recordings will be saved and then archived at the end of our Online/Home learning period. 
    • If you do not consent to be recorded for a classroom session, it is the parent’s responsibility to disable the video function by turning off the video feature in the Zoom application.